Pearl Bailey-Anderson, Certified Trichologist

In the beginning I was inspired by a catastrophe. I paid a highly recommended and well-known braider to braid my hair. My hair was very short and she braided it, too tight. I had to remove the braids to treat my scalp from the irritation. Three weeks later, I requested her to redo the section that had given me trouble. She refused, unless I paid again.

Desperate, I decided to watch her closely and learn her technique because I had always been good with my hands. Later, I ran home and asked my sister to come over so that I could practice. I was excited because I felt confident and motivated. Her hair turned out really well. As my sister walked home, one block away, she received so many complements that I had three customers before she got home."

Even as a young child, Pearl Bailey-Anderson's talent for styling hair was obvious to everyone. She was often roaming around her Philadelphia home with her own creative hairstyles. For example she might add length and flair to her own hair with hair from her sister's favorite doll. Although it was not easy, Pearl managed to avoid her sister's fury and continued her creative experimentation and love for hair artistry.

Pearl Bailey-Anderson is a true trailblazer in the hair industry. She is the owner of La Pearl Beauty Emporium since 1988, a full service hair care center that focuses on hair and scalp health first, then style. La Pearl Emporium gives individual, old-fashioned, high quality personal care. There are lots of professionals in our communities but each person needs her full attention and she gives it. No matter how many customers she has she wants each person to believe that they are the only one who matters when they are in her chair. Her focus is strictly on the person and what makes them look best.

In addition, she is founder of the Advanced Cosmetology Education Resource Center, a training center for cosmetology students to gain proficiency in such areas as hair replacement (i.e. hair weaving), preparation for state examinations and improvement of hair management skills like, hair cutting and coloring.

Besides workshops and classes for students the resource center invites industry vendors and product manufacturers, salon owners and licensed cosmetologists and barbers to hold classes at La Pearl. The center's mission is to encourage legislation that protects people in the field of hair care, aesthetics and manicuring.

Pearl Bailey-Anderson, launched her career in 1979 and offered her clients hair services in her home. She developed a loyal customer base and by 1984 she was encouraged by two very special practicing beauticians - her paternal and maternal grandmothers. Both her grandmothers were confident that she should consider cosmetology as a profession.

By 1986 she graduated from the Berean Institute with a diploma in cosmetology. Her accomplishments remind her of her favorite Bible chapters taken from Matthews 24 and 25. These chapters discuss the responsibility to use your talents and gifts rather than squander them. Two years later, 1989, Pearl achieved her goal and opened La Pearl Beauty Emporium on Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia. It is important to note that she became a sole proprietor, not by the backing of high interest bearing bank loans, but from her supportive parents who believed in her ability and invested in her dream!

For most, having a comfortable business would be enough. Not true for this entrepreneur. Pearl, who is passionate about learning and expanding her skill sets, earned her Barber certificate in 1988 from Tri-City and a Teaching certificate from Berean Institute in 2001, To date, Pearl has been instrumental in training and offering opportunities to countless numbers of cosmetologists and barbers in the Tri-state area to learn, hair care, hair and scalp treatment, hair growing techniques and diagnosis of disorders that prevent hair growth. Currently, in her shop she provides a healthy working and educational environment for several barbers and cosmetologists.

At the end of the day it is about personal care and service. The Philadelphia community has benefited from her passion to simply be the very best.